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My life as a leather crafter

In short terms this is how I start my day.

We wake up early
Time for a good rinse
we head out
Complete tasks
take breaks
check emails

This is the outcome

How we do it

The key for a better living


Giving up is not an option

Some people, when faced with a challenge, will give up very easily, while others will persevere.


Get it done today

When we have unresolved issues, we experience an emotional disquiet which can be significantly stressful, so if something's troubling you, do something about it.


Uncomfortable situations

One short phrase I say to myself when facing such of things: "This too shall pass." I believe that by acting positively you increase the chances of a positive outcome.



Change what you can change. Accept what you can't change. And learn to be wise enough to know the difference. I'm sure you all have heard of this before.

Let's talk pricing

Best Sellers

Too Low

  • No high quality material
  • Made with no effort
  • Easily tears
  • Unbranded dyes applied
  • Weak snap buttons
  • No good at all

You hit the target

  • Made with lot's of passion
  • 100% hand-stitched
  • Last a life time
  • You can pass it along
  • We care for our customers
  • Always work with high quality materials and tools
Get this one

Too High

  • Paid someone else to make it
  • Made with no inspiration
  • From second hand stores
  • No appreciation what-so-ever
  • Don't care
  • No good at all