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One piece left

I want to say something about this item. I had one large piece left so I decided to make a belt pouch with this. I may be able to make one more, just maybe but, it will have to be in a smaller size. So, this one is the only one you will ever see.

SOLD! No.4455


This item has been hand-stitched 100% using teklon tapered natural thread.

SOLD! No.4455

Wax thread

I have never worked with this type of thread before and let me tell you, I like it a lot. This pouch came out to perfection. You don't have to use the wax if you don't want to. I thought I would give it a try.


Here are the final results

From one piece left over, I was able to create a masterpiece. This pouch came out to perfection. It's a very nice, durable, heavy-duty belt pouch. I highly recommend this one.

SOLD! No.4455

What we have to offer

Moving on to something new. Are you stressed? Do you need a clean solid brush for your gear?
How about an additional cloth sleeve for the inside of your belt pouch? No need to worry anymore. We have the solution.

Hard work

Finally, I want to show you how I prepared the antlers. It's not easy to do.

So, What do you think?

If you want to support a local leather crafter, here is your opportunity to show support. This summer I want you to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Go out and experience the beauty earth has to offer. Don't stay indoors. It's not healthy. Having nice handcrafted gear by your side will fulfill that enjoyment. Invest in something you can then pass it along. They will always remember that gear by your side, they will not forget. These freebies will not last. Thank you in advance for your support throughout these past years. Hopefully, we can make many more.🙂 Oh, one more thing. If you have any concerns about what I do, or any gear you want to modify, send me a message. I will always make it right. Thanks!

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