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Working Hands

I earn revenue while enjoying hand crafting from home.

And that's just it. I make this possible by having potential earnings! Crafting a few hours a day at a time.


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It takes a few minutes to snap one photo.


List your work

I list how I see it and based on popularity of previous listings.


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I get ready for watchers on demand.

Lilly says

After I complete a project,
I then relax and let e-bay take over.

Instead of constantly worrying about how I will make a sale, e-bay does the rest. I then prepare myself phisically and mentally for the next project.

22% of the time I relax.

I don't waste time

96% succeeded

Easy passive income


What are customers saying now!

These are the most up-to-date feedbacks I've received from customers. I also want to let my customers know I have strategies for improving my crafting skills and making sure I stay on high demand.

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