This is a true story.

What you are about to read is a true event.

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My buddy and I decided to go on a hiking trail and shoot a video for youtubers called "The Supply Run" and No! It has nothing to do with supply runners from covid-19. So here we are on this beautiful landscape out in the wilderness. Awww. You can't help but to love mother nature. It's so beautiful out here. So anyhow, we shoot the scenes, everything went great until somehow I got lost. I was stranded. It had rained for several days now. I was lonely and afraid, but not naked and afraid. I knew we were one hour away from home so I said to myself, "There is no way he will drive an hour to come and find me." Well, he didn't. One full week passed by and no signs of him. The only thing I can hear is the sound of the coyotes howling. I decided to be a tough little guy and have courage and lift my hopes up to get out from under the thick heavy clay. I was stuck.
I started to use my paddle and with all the strength I had I pulled and pushed until finally the paddle gave in and broke. There went my hopes of getting out. There I sat again, lonely and afraid, but at least I'm not naked and afraid. Then, from a distance I could hear a sound. I immediately thought, That's him! That's him! I knew that deep down in my heart he will not forget me. I mean a lot to him. He will return to get me. And that he did. I can hear the sounds of his heavy boots stepping through that thick heavy clay. And sure enough he found me. There I was upside down, but he found me. All I could hear was his voice and it sounded with complete happiness. The sound of a distinct joy I will never forget.

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