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A True Story

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One of a kind leather bags available now.
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

Updated 03/14/20

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"Thank you for your support."

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Everyone should wear a mask when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities. It's the reason why we are including a free mask for each purchase. Thank you.

What you see in this picture is what you will get.
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I made another sale today. Because of the rough times we are going through right now I wasn't expecting a sale. Never in my life I have experience anything like this pandemic. I will continue to keep my hopes up that this should end soon.

I truly thank you in times like these to take time out of what is going on in your life to purchase something from me. Take good care of yourselves. And again as humble as I can say, Thank you.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Yesterday another sale came through and all I can say, since we are all feeling the impact of the coronavirus, yet my sales have increase a lot. THANK YOU! I was not expecting this at all. I don't have that many items left in stock, but with the extra time I now have in my hands, I will continue to make many more. Keep in mind most of the items I make are hand-made.

Another thing I wanted to say that, you can also try from home and make something. Youtube is the No.1 source to learn to make new things. That's how I got started. Make it and list it! Most importantly, show support amoung each other. Let's stay strong and as I said before we will get through this. Once again, Thank you and please stay safe.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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It's the little things that matter. Thank you for continuing showing support for us on this hard times. We will get through this and we will have a strong comeback. I strongly believe this. We will get through this together because that's what we do as a whole.
I will keep taking measures to prevent the spread of this devastating disease and so should you. Thank you.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Thank you, thank you. You've made the right choice by purchasing this bag. It's only fair to tell you why. Because this bag will last you for a very long time. And, most importantly it will put up a fight. That's how strong this tote bag it's made. I can't wait to ship it to you.
Also, 10% of the sale of this item will benefit Operation Kindness. Be proud of yourself. You have made a difference in a pet's life.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Make things happen!

You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life.

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This website is made possible by buyers and visitors like you. A warm Thank You!
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I sleep well

I make sure I get a good night sleep to be productive the next day.

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Leather goods

I make leather goods for the public.

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We ship in a timely manner.

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Open 24/7

We never close. Our website remains open around the globe for you.

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Master tools

Zone34 has all the right tools in-house to meet your needs when it comes to a custom made order.

  • I have an edge beveler

  • I have a heavy weight mallet

  • I have drive hole punches and a whole lot more...

This belt pouch is no longer available
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A Little Bit of Everything That is Uniquely Anything for Anyone to Enjoy!

I will be working on my feedbacks very soon. I've received great ones I would like to share with you all.
Available links:
1. Overview
2. Process
3. Wallets
4. Soon
5. Hello
6. Watchers
You can shoot me a message if you have any comments or concerns about anything. If I don't have all the answers to your questions, I will make sure to let you know.

FYI: We use Visual Studio Code for coding.
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Thank You for this great purchase in time of need. 10% of the sale of this item will benefit Operation Kindness.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Customer, if you are reading this I personally want to say "Thank you" for making multiple purchases. I hope you return very soon. And remember, our website never closes. We stay open 24/7 so feel free to browse any time.
10% of the sale of this item will benefit Operation Kindness.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Thank you so much for placing an order in this times of need. We continued to be low on inventory but I will have new items very soon.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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Then, the following day someone decided to join in with another great buy. Thank you so much for your support.
10% of the sale of this item will benefit Best Friends Animal Society.

Sold! - We appreciate your business.
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A long time customer returned and made a purchase. It was a great pleasure hearing from this customer.
Please let me know your thoughts on this item once it arrives in your mailbox.

Sold! - Thank you for this purchase.
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Unforgettable Moments

One thing we don't do is forget how we got started. These are some of our products and ideas we made and sold them successfully.

Small Journal


Leather Cup Coasters


Small Journal


Back to Back Pouches


Long Wallet


Large/Small Journals


Large Journal


Leather clutch


Small Journal


Simple, Straight Pricing

Many customers around the World Wide Web have already made zone34 the main source when purchasing leather goods.

Standard Buyers
Leather Wallet
  • 100% hand-stitch
  • 100% strong waxed thread
  • 100% top grain leather
  • 30 days stitching support
Available Now!
Extended Buyers
Leather Bags
  • 100% Hand-made
  • 100% top grain leather
  • 100% Physically and mentally effort
  • This bag has already sold
  • 30 days repair support


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